Mumme Products

Forging is one of the oldest methods of working steel but it has always offered unique advantages, which still cannot be matched by today's other modern sophisticated methods of production. In areas where strength and toughness is the requirement the high density fine grained Mumme Products Range of tools produced by forging and correctly heat treating cannot be beaten.

The Mumme Family have been producing forged hand tools in South Australia for 3 generations and are Australia's leading forged hand tool manufacturer.

The business started in the 1930's when the late Bill Mumme began forging copper soldering irons.

Soldering irons remained the principle priority of the business until his sons joined in the late 1950's and early 1960's when they began to diversify into other forged tools.

Chris and Des Mumme incorporated the business to Mumme Products Pty Ltd in 1980 and the Mumme Products brand was born. Des Mumme retired in the late 90's and Chris' sons Adam and Matthew took on principal roles of the business.

The Mumme Products Brand has grown dramatically through the years especially since the late 90's, through natural growth, introduction of new products and acquisitions below.

In 1989 Mumme Products Pty Ltd purchased the Lock Tool Company, a Melbourne based, long established family owned forging and machining company. Their operations were moved to Adelaide and the decision was made to incorporate their products under the Mumme Products Brand.

Again in 2001 Mumme Products Pty Ltd purchased another well established family forging company, the Evro Tool Company and moved its operations to Adelaide and incorporated its products into its range.

In 2003 another opportunity arose in the form of a local ladder manufacturing business Melville Ladders. After negotiations Mumme Products Pty Ltd decided to diversity into ladder manufacturing and retain the previous owners with over 40 years experience in this industry. We have also incorporated their products into the Mumme Range.

Through this time the Mumme Brand has maintained its commitment to providing quality manufactured tools that "Do their job" the Mumme Brand of tools are now exclusively specified for use in many mine sites, councils, defence contracts, as well as builders, contractors and home handy persons.