Custom Manufacturing


Do you have a requirement for a tool that you currently have to buy from overseas?

Are you concerned about the quality of your imported product?

Are the minimum order quantities from your overseas supplier prohibitive?

We may have the solution!

As an Australian forging manufacturer with a factory in South Australia we have the facility to create the tools for whatever job you require. It might be a one-off product to do a particular job, or you may have a need for a new tool or a different version of an existing tool on an ongoing basis.

We have the technical knowledge of the processes and materials to create a custom product to solve your problem.

We have produced thousands of products that were not in our product range when our customers requested them, and some have even become popular stocked items as a result.
  • Forging
  • Welding
  • Heat Treating
  • Small Run Capability

Contact your Area Sales Manager to discuss manufacturing options in more detail.

  • Tie-down/eye bolts for railways
  • Railway Spikes
  • Picks for Antarctica
  • Copper Hammers for Submarines
  • Non-standard sized Wire Rope Punches
  • 5 metre underground Scaling Bars
  • Gas Ball Cocks
  • Water Keys